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Happy Friday, everyone! Today I’m excited to share with you 5 reasons you should hire a wedding planner for your wedding day! You may think that I am biased because I am also an event planner, but this wedding planner had THREE other wedding planners (thanks to my ladies at Ines & Marie Events!) on site on her wedding day for many of the reasons listed below. And I can tell you that on my monsoon of a wedding day I was dry and cool as a cucumber. I can’t say that for Agata, Justyna and Chelsey at TAS.

Of course there are many more than 5 reasons, but here are my tops!

1. You want to enjoy every minute of your wedding day. There are SO many tiny details that take time and energy to set up or monitor. (examples: the guest book table, place cards, gift table, signage, favors, the list goes on!) Let a seasoned professional handle all of that last minute styling and take care of YOU. There so many challenges that are going to come up on your day, no matter how well planned, and the best part of having a planner is that you never hear a peep about them! If a planner wasn’t on your side, guess who those vendors will be stalking on your wedding day: YOU!  

Here’s a personal life example: On my wedding day it poured buckets right before the ceremony. My ceremony was outdoors and dinner was underneath a tent. The wind was crazy, and rain was blowing all over our linens. Our fearless wedding planners dove in and threw the linens in the dryer and delayed the ceremony 20 minutes until the storm passed. They kept me informed of only what I needed to know, dried those chairs off real quick once the rain stopped, and kept guests informed of the changes. People kept telling me I was the calmest bride they’d ever seen (especially under the circumstances), but it was almost entirely due to have wedding planners on my team.

Here’s a shot of the Take a Seat Ladies killing it at my wedding (and still dry!)

The Take a Seat Ladies from left to right: Chelsey, Justyna, Agata

2. Vendor recommendations and relationships. It is incredibly time consuming meeting with and quoting tons of different vendors. And at the end of the day, how do you know who to trust with the important details? Every wedding planner has caterers, florists, rental companies that they love working with and that they trust. They can help steer you in the right direction and make sure that you are totally satisfied with everyone you choose for your special day. They will also manage all of your vendors on site and make sure everyone is happy and that the ship is sailing smoothly!

3. Planners are expert budgeters and negotiators. They can take what is most important to you and help you build a budget that will work for you and help you save in any places you can. Wedding planners know exactly how much bang you can get for your buck with certain vendors and how to help you create a realistic budget that everyone is happy with!

4. You want your family and friends to enjoy every minute of your wedding day. Yes, your wedding is about you and your spouse-to-be, but it’s also an incredibly special day for your families. When everyone is assigned a ton of tasks they miss out on enjoying the day. So, give your family a break and let them kick back and raise a glass!


Hint Hint – you want your mom looking like this:

 Left to right: My mom, mom's best friend lovin' life!

 Left to right: My mom, mom’s best friend lovin’ life!

My mother-in law rocking her classic dance moves. 

My mother-in law rocking her classic dance moves. 

5. They make sure you stick to your timeline. Chances are you aren’t wearing a watch with that wedding gown or want to be keeping everyone on schedule. Your wedding planner is going to keep you and your bridal party on time so everything goes off without a hitch.

And because I can’t help myself, here are some little things that make a big difference you may not know your wedding planner is likely doing for you:

  1. Cueing you and your bridal party to walk down the aisle.

  2. Rescuing your shoes when you lose them and putting them in your room.

  3. Saving you a piece of that prized wedding cake you barely got to eat.

  4. Making sure everyone who is giving a toast has a glass in their hand before they do so.

  5. Taking your marriage license back to your room after you sign it with your new spouse! (that’d be a bad one to lose, am I right?!)

  6. Double and triple checking your seating chart to make sure that everyone is seated where they should be.
  7. Keeping track of shuttle busses! This is a BIG one that goes wrong all the time. Having someone that calls and checks in with the shuttles regularly is a life saver.

There’s a wedding planner out there for every couple. So if you’re unsure, meet a few people and find the best fit for you and your wedding style. 

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments! 

Happy planning!

x Meg