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Yesterday I got some GREAT news! A photo shoot I worked on with some of my amazing lady boss friends from the Rising Tide Society Detroit Chapter was published! for those of you who don’t know about Rising Tide, it’s a nationwide organization for creative entrepreneurs that encourages community over competition. We get together once a month and discuss different topics having to do with running a small business. We learn from each other, grow together, and create strong bonds that help us serve our community and clients even better.

Wedding Day magazine featured Erin Hannum‘s amazing photos from the day, and they shared a little bit from each of us about the design and concept for the day. You’ll even see some quotes from yours truly.

You can head to their site here to read more about what went in to the design, who was involved, and how all the pretty details came together to be one of the greatest shoots I have been a part of since starting my calligraphy business. Here’s a peek at some of the photos, but make sure to head to the Wedding Day blog to see more!