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I get a lot of questions from new calligraphers about how I warm up, what supplies I use, etc. So I decided to dive into blogging a little bit more about my process and create some videos along the way! I know it can be hard to find local calligraphy classes, so hopefully these little tips I’m posting will help you in your practice.

It is very important to warm up before you start working. For me, I tend to be a bit on the tense side, and I find that without warm ups my calligraphy looks stiff and I start to cramp up much sooner. Also, being an artist with a warm up makes me feel athletic. (Just kidding, nothing could make me feel athletic, especially at 8 months pregnant.)

For warm ups all you need is a pencil and a piece of paper! Click the video below to see how I do a quick 5 minute warm up before pulling out the pen and ink.

After my pencil circles and lead in stroke practice, I do a few quick stretches.

  1. Clasp your hands in front of your body and stretch your arms out in front of you. Then lift your hands overhead for a stretch. Do this again with your fingers crossed the other way (the way you don’t usually interlace them).

  2. Stand up. Clasp your hands behind your back and stretch your arms out straight behind you. Bend over at the waist for a deeper stretch.

  3. Standing or sitting pull your shoulders up to your ears and hold for 5 seconds, then release them back down. Do this 5-10 times.

Do you have any other stretches or warm ups that you do before your practice? Were these tips helpful for you? Please leave a comment and let me know!

xx Meg