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Hi Everyone!

This is a little bit delayed, but last month my son Otto turned TWO years old. It’s amazing to watch him grow and change. Even in just the last few months he has exploded verbally and it is so much fun to have actual conversations with him now. He loves Magnatiles, tractors, coloring, painting, and running around outside. He also made a huge leap by age two and is POTTY TRAINED! (This is obviously a work in progress, but I am SO GLAD WE DID IT).


For his party he requested a “tea party” – so that’s exactly what we did! We kept it small with just a few local family members and friends. We also kept it short, because he’s only two and gets over stimulated VERY easily. Even though I’m an event planner, I’m also super pregnant, and didn’t really have the capacity to go all out this year. I also figured we only have a few years to keep it really simple before he has a lot more friends and feelings about the party theme.

For food my husband made lemon and blueberry scones, our friends provided some mini quiches, and we had lots of fruit. As for the tea, we did a hibiscus iced tea and had a variety of hot tea available for the sake of the theme! Decorations were simple, just a few balloons and a banner we already had, and a slide show that my husband made and we displayed on our tv of photos throughout the past year.

My amazing friend Heather’s cake shop Sweet Heather Anne made the cake. Last year he had basically a giant muffin, so this was a huge treat for him.

Cake by Katie of  Sweet Heather Anne

Cake by Katie of Sweet Heather Anne

The cake was SO GOOD. We chose the Strawberry Vanilla flavor and it did not disappoint. Evidence:


What do you do (or not do!) for your kid’s birthdays? I thought I would be a super extreme party planning mom since I LOVE to host and plan weddings as a part of my career, but I’m glad that I’ve been able to keep at simple (at least for now) and keep the stress low.

Have a wonderful weekend!

xx Meg