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Let’s make something together


I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your great classes! I took your beginner and intermediate calligraphy classes in January 2018 (has it been that long??) and have recently (finally) gotten back into it to address wedding invitation envelopes.
I’m still referring back to your worksheets and tips/tricks and they’ve been SO helpful. While I can’t say I’ve fully figured it out yet, I’m pretty proud of where I am so far!


Join In

A Calligrapher’s Guide to Stylish Envelopes

the course you need to handletter your invitations like a pro


Date: ANYTIME! It’s a fully self paced online class.

Location: At home in your comfiest clothes

Cost: $49 for lifetime access

To sign up BEFORE public launch on October 20 and get the discount, simply sign up for my mailing list at the bottom of the page and you will be sent the preorder link!


In this fully online course you will learn basic hand lettering skills with every day brush pens & markers, how to center your addresses perfectly, and which embellishments can give your envelopes that little something extra. You will receive a complete PDF guidebook that goes through each step of the way, as well as supplementary videos. Each chapter has a discussion section for you to learn from your classmates or to ask me questions directly!


  • You’ve always wanted to learn hand lettering skills

  • You want your wedding invitations or holiday cards to stand out in the mail (without hiring a calligrapher)

  • You don’t want to invest in a ton of pointed pen calligraphy supplies or take an expensive calligraphy class

  • Have watched some tutorials online but need help from an instructor to put it all together

  • Want to send meaningful mail and save the USPS one letter at a time.


  • A downloadable workbook

  • Links to purchase my favorite supplies

  • Video lessons for the hand lettering the entire alphabet and applying those lessons towards your envelopes

  • BONUS videos of tool upgrades that make addressing envelopes even easier & envelope embellishments


Does the course ever expire? No! Once you have it, you have it for life.

Can I buy the course and share it with multiple people? I request that each person taking the class purchase it independently and not distribute or share the class materials. These classes take a lot of time and heart to make, and I appreciate your support of my small business!

Who is this class for? This class is for anyone interested in learning hand lettering skills and applying that towards beautiful envelope addressing. It would be perfect for anyone addressing their own wedding or party invitations as well as anyone sending out a holiday card mass mailing!

Is this class for children? I recommend you be at least 12 years old to complete this course. I hope to come out with a kids version soon!

Does the class come with supplies? You will need to purchase your own supplies for the class, but most of the materials are things you may already have laying around your house! You will need access to a printer to print out the class materials and lettering exemplars. A supply list is available within the class and has links to everything I use.

Note: This is NOT a pointed pen calligraphy class. I will only be demonstrating with brush pens and gelly pens. BUT, the lessons on centering addresses will be very useful for beginning pointed pen calligraphers!