M.B. Calligraphy is closed until further notice. Please see the Michigan Association of Calligraphers website for Calligraphers for Hire. Thank you!

Hello all!

If you are in Michigan like me, I hope you are warm and surviving this insanity. (By insanity I mean snow snow snow and subzero temps). Anyone who planned a trip down south this week has some amazing intuition that I’d like to tap into. But alas, I’m hunkering down inside and drinking a hell of a lot of tea.

Today I want to share with you some BIG changes to the services I offer here at MBC! After some soul searching and running the numbers in my biz, I’ve decided to modify my services to the following:

  1. As of January 2019 I will only be offering Envelope Addressing services. I will no longer be taking on wedding day items such as menus, escort cards, and signage. While I love making these items, the summer months have become incredibly busy with my event planning work at Ines & Marie Events and I found myself stretched way too thin. Also, I found myself having to serve a ton of clients in a short amount of time in order to meet my financial needs which was sacrificing time with my (almost) one year old, Otto. I will still be fulfilling existing contracts for these items though!

  2. I now have a $350.00 order minimum.

  3. I will be writing and scheduling additional classes for those of you looking to learn calligraphy! After some surveying, it sounds like many of you are interested in a Modern Calligraphy class series as opposed to a one day workshop. I also heard some interest in an envelope calligraphy class, so I am hard at work making that happen! Stay tuned!

  4. I will be working with Mixie Media Collective to fully redo my logo & website! There will likely be some other big changes to my offerings as I go through the rebranding process, but those are still swimming around in my head and aren’t quite ready for a public announcement. But, I am thinking long and hard about more educational articles on the blog, instructional videos, and an online shop with materials both for free and for sale! If you have anything you’d love to see from me, please comment and I will add it to the list of possibilities!

I am excited about all that 2019 has to offer, and am seeking a little more balance with the work I love to do and spending quality time with my family. I think that this is something we all struggle with to a certain degree, but it has definitely been amplified for me now that I fully control the amount and type of work I take on. I truly thought that running my own business while being home with my son would be way easier than heading off to work everyday and finding care for him, but sometimes I’m not so sure. While I do prefer the lifestyle I have chosen, it is definitely much harder to create balance for myself and not be distracted by work during my time with Otto. It is important to me that I am fully dedicated to the work I take on and not stretched so thin that the integrity of my work is compromised.

Thank you for your understanding. I hope that these changes not only serve me well, but also serve you even better! If you have any suggestions or things you’d like to see from me this year, please comment below!

xx Meg